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This is a list of our contributors.
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The Center For Aids would like to give a very special thank you for all of those people who contribute and support our goal, our mission and our cause. Below is a list of our contributors.

2007-2008 HONOR ROLL
  • $2,500+
    Lisa and Agbo Abiola
    AIM Investments
    CFP Foundation
    Michael Dale
    John Eckel

  • $1,000+
    Ali Farboud Photography*
    Craig Angelmier
    Carol Isaak Barden
    Bergner and Johnson
    Kenneth J. Bohan and Dean O’Kelley

  • $500+
    Gayle and Corvin Alstot
    Jim Avant
    Azur Salon/Greg Decker and Nicolas Brines
    Kenneth T. Barrow

  • $250+
    John and Diem Allis
    Fernando Aramburo
    JoAnne Banker
    Rita Bergers
    John Blackmon and John Roberson
    Brian Stringer Antiques
  • $50,000+
    AIDS Walk Houston 2007
    Estate of Lynn Tilghman Johnson

  • $15,000+
    Gilead Sciences, Inc.
    Jackson and Company*

  • $10,000+
    Bayou City Boys Club, Inc.
    Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc.
    Jana and Richard Fant

  • $5,000+
    Nora and Bob Ackerley
    Albert & Ethel Herzstein Foundation
    Boehringer Ingelheim
    Bunnies on the Bayou

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Donor Privacy Statement

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