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The Center for AIDS Information & Advocacy empowers people living with HIV to make informed decisions about their healthcare by providing the latest research and treatment information and by advocating for accessible, affordable, and effective treatment options until there’s a cure.

  • Providing pertinent and timely information to persons with HIV/AIDS, their caregivers, and healthcare providers through educational programming, publications in print and online, and the L. Joel Martinez Information Center

  • Acting as a catalyst for the creation and the establishment of innovative HIV/AIDS research in Houston, including the promotion and dissemination of information about local clinical trials

  • Advocating for the entire affected population to ensure that Houston’s regional needs are factored into the national dialogue about HIV/AIDS

  • Interacting and effectively communicating with groups that play important decision-making roles in the epidemic, including government, clinicians, researchers, and industry

  • Working in collaboration with other HIV/AIDS service organizations to provide updates and training to staff as well as clients